Mamuky, Mimub, El Armario de la Tele

Eshop Ventures

TV, Radio

It is the company behind several and most important online resellers in Spain.
Through their most popular brands, they offer a huge catalog of products of all kinds; clothes, decoration, food, etc.
In 2015, after a creative contest involving several agencies, they trusted Planilandia to develop a TV and radio campaign, for their most important online shops: Mimub, El Armario de la Tele and Mamuky.

The first idea was simple, a 10 seconds spot campaign to get a direct consumer response, with the chance to change promotions during the year.


Titles:  //  Mamuki: “El Dudú”  //  EAT: “La Tv y el Armario”  //  Mimub: “La llave Allen”  //  Creative Agency: Planilandia //  Producer: Planilandia  //  Creative Directors: Diego González and Aníbal de la Fuente  //  Account Executive: Marina Hermo //  Executive Producer: Aníbal de la Fuente  //  Director: Diego González  //  Photography Director: Juan Carlos Quintana //  Cast de Locución:  Sergi Carles and Txell Aixendri  //  Diseño UI: Rafael San Emeterio  //  Postproduction and FX: Planilandia.