In addition to TV advertising campaigns and usual media, we have developed different projects throughout our history.


We are enthusiastic with Branding and everything related to corporate communication. We have carried out projects from the conceptualization of brands and products, to the design and final art. We have made works for very recognizable companies such as Twitter or Destinia. Moreover, we have also helped many "startups" to start from the beginning with recognizable and remarkable image, covering all points and levels of communication for offline and online support.


The use of some emerging technologies like virtual reality, drones or augmented reality, among others, it has motivated us to explore advertising possibilities to develop innovative projects as well.


In order to be different and be creative in any support and place, we have made another projects that use less conventional concepts. For instance, we have taken subway passengers to far places through smell, taste and touch, putting big suitcases in airports in traffic areas, and we have covered whole facades of emblematic buildings.


Definitely, our background with more than 10 years, makes us see advertising communication in a global way, and gives us strength, efficiency and adaptability in projects we develop in Planilandia.